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Stretch marks, or striae, are a form of scarring caused by the tearing of the dermis. Ranging in size from fine lines to thick waves, stretch marks are associated with extreme weight fluctuation, pregnancy, or in some cases, severe pulling on the skin. They are most likely to appear in places where large amounts of fat are stored – like the tummy, breasts, upper arms, underarms, back, thighs, hips and buttocks.
Aside from injections, laser treatments can be used to stimulate collagen production, thereby lessens the depth of stretch marks and improve the appearance of the skin.


Cellulite is the dimpled, lumpy appearance of the skin caused by fat deposits below the surface of the skin. It generally appears at the thighs, buttocks, stomach, neck and upper arm. From less visible form to unsightly orange-peels, cellulite makes a person feel self-conscious, and can be a persistent embarrassment.
Cellulite can be caused by heredity, lack of exercise, hormonal change, poor diet, and even tight clothing. It doesn’t matter how thin you are, you may still have cellulite. It clings to curves, lowers self-esteem, and causes emotional distress. The good news is that we have plenty options available to get rid of it.

Hair Removal

There is nothing more feminine than an ultimate smooth skin that feels like silk.
However, this gleaming source of confidence can be troublesome, as traditional means of hair removal are not only painful and time-consuming, but often accompanied by unsightly stubbles and itchy in-grown hairs.
Feel free to consult our doctors for further information.

Double Chin

Patients hate their double chins, they are unhappy with their jawlines, it make them feel they look  fat, people think they’ve gained weight, and they hate how they look on profile when they catch a glimpse of their side view. They also hate photos and even avoid them

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