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Double chin

It is an effective, permanent, safe and gradual non-surgical injectable treatment to reshape the jawline  by dissolving the double chin fat.  The injection can be used to  sculpt the neck and create a chiselled jawline, creating a youthful profile.  Doctors  can now contour and lift the neck the way that we have been contouring and lifting the cheeks!
This drug  is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of sub mental fullness. The treatment is tailored to suit each patients’s anatomy and circumstances, and the satisfaction rate is very high, with 75% of patients reporting satisfaction with the appearance of their face and chin after treatment.

Leg veins including varicose vein

Sclerotherapy is most commonly used for the treatment of unwanted, visible spider veins and superficial (surface) varicose veins.
Your doctor will use very fine needles to inject a sclerosing solution into the problem blood vessels.
Sclerotherapy injections usually cause minimal discomfort. It has been described as feeling like small pin pricks. Some people might experience a slight to moderate burning sensation immediately after the injection.
A treatment session takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Multiple veins can be injected during one treatment session.

Tattoo removal

The current gold standard in tattoo removal is a Q-switched laser. Q-switched lasers emit high energy pulses of light to shatter the tattoo into micro-particles which are then removed by the body’s lymphatic system. With a strong affinity for tattoo ink, Q-switched lasers are best at fading or removing tattoos whilst minimising side effects.
On average, 5-15 treatments are required for tattoo removal. It is also possible to simply fade the tattoo, to more easily allow it to be tattooed over, or to remove part of a tattoo. Treatments are typically performed 6 weeks apart.

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Pearly Whites

Laser hair removal

Skin Tanning injection

Teeth whitening

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